Thursday, September 29, 2011

DeltaTalk Radio, Thursday, September 29, 2011

David Ball: 'The Numbers Don't Lie'
"Courageous" Opens Nationwide
Tupelo and the Manhattan Film Festival
Lee Bailey -- Walking in Big Shoes

This program originally broadcast September 29, 2011 from SuperTalk Mississippi studio WWMR.
Hosted by Mike Russell, with producer Brenda Mitchell.

SEGMENT 1 at 00:00
Introducing today's DeltaTalk Radio
Intro to the Manhattan Film Festival
Facebook's Influence

SEGMENT 2 @ 9:20
Pastor David Ball talks about inspiring men to become courageous.
Courageous Movie website

SEGMENT 3 @ 23:30
Film Commissioner Pat Rasberry talks about Tupelo and the Manhattan Film Festival.

SEGMENT 4 @ 33:49
Opera singer Lee Bailey talks about creating the Tupelo Performing Arts Academy.

SEGMENT 5 @ 46:39
Our favorite Facebook posts.


All that and more...

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