Thursday, September 22, 2011

DeltaTalk Radio, Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bill Frakes: Sports Illustrated
Preeminent Sports Photographer
Peggy Webb & The Tropical Double Trouble
Filmmaking in Mississippi
Juju for Kenny

This program originally broadcast September 22, 2011 from SuperTalk Mississippi studio WWMR.
Hosted by Mike Russell, with producer Brenda Mitchell.

SEGMENT 1 at 00:00
Introducing today's DeltaTalk Radio
Intro to the Manhattan Film Festival
Film Mississippi Car Tag
ICC Homecoming

SEGMENT 2 @ 8:20
Bill Frakes and Larry Anderson Interview - Part 1
Larry Anderson's e-book: Leading Your Own Photo Safari
Bill Frakes' Website
Bill is a staff photographer for Sports Illustrated, LONG known for its imagery over the years. He’s based in Florida, though he has a MS connection. He has worked in more than 125 countries for a wide variety of editorial and advertising clients, including Apple, Nike, Nikon, CocaCola, Kodak, and Reebok (just to name a few). He also directs music videos and television ads. Editorially, his work has gotten just a LITTLE notice – in virtually every major general interest publication in the world. His still photos and short documentary films have been featured on hundreds of websites as well as on most major television networks. He has also won the coveted Newspaper Photographer of the Year award in the prestigious Pictures of the Year competition.

SEGMENT 3 @ 25:43
Bill Frakes and Larry Anderson Interview - Part 2 (conclusion)

SEGMENT 4 @ 38:20
Peggy Webb Interview
Peggy's Website
Peggy has been writing for 26 years; millions of her books have been published - in 17 languages. She's taught writing (at Mississippi state). She's won AWARDS for her writing. She's written under the name Anna Michaels (The Tender Mercy of Roses), and now she's here on DeltaTalk Radio with a FOURTH book in her Elvis series, coming out next week called Elvis and the Tropical Double Trouble.

SEGMENT 5 @ 49:02
Our favorite Facebook posts

The Gratitude Song

All that and more...

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