The DeltaTalk Mission

DeltaTalk: A Perspective

“Delta” is the mathematical symbol for “change.”  That’s what DeltaTalk is about -- the positive changes in Mississippi.  About the good people and the good things they’re doing all over the state. I’ll tell their stories – in Northeast Mississippi and across the state. And from time to time, we’ll take a deeper look at the so-called “bad” news, debunking as we go along. Plus, we'll even have a little fun. You get what you look for right? Look for the good.  JOIN US AS WE TAKE POSITIVE MEDIA MAINSTREAM    -Mike

Our Mission
  • To inspire Mississippians everywhere to ever-increasing awareness of their greatness and their potential for continuous positive change.
  • To showcase the state as a role model for the USA and for the world.
  • To make positive news part of the mainstream media world -- and to occasionally "de-bunk" the so-called "bad" news.

Our Show's Goals
  • To inspire Mississippians to greater self awareness, self-esteem, spirituality, upward mobility, and pride of citizenship
  • To dispel myths and misconceptions about Mississippi
  • To inspire racial reconciliation
  • To grow the state economically
  • To foster increased state and local community collaboration
  • To inform and entertain our listeners