Saturday, May 28, 2011

DeltaTalk Radio Podcast -- Thursday, May 26, 2011

RheaKesha Vaughn, contemporary gospel singer

 - RheaKesha Vaughn
 - Dr. Rayfield Cameron, Sr.
 - Zeke Listenbee
 - Anne & Jason Palmer
 - Mary Jo Tate

by Mike Russell, host of DeltaTalk Radio

Another packed DeltaTalk Radio broadcast on Thursday, May 26. Joining us in the studio, RheaKesha Vaughn, a rising star in the world of contemporary gospel music. She's just released her first album -- "Overflow" -- a lively collection of diverse gospel songs, produced by Zeke Listenbee, who joined us on the phone from North Carolina, where he both ministers to a church congregation and produces music and other artists on his own. Also in the studio, Dr. Rayfield Cameron, Sr., RheaKesha's father and executive producer. By the way, you can find RheaKesha's music on and on iTunes.

Also featured in this broadcast are filmmakers Anne and Jason Palmer, owners of Palmtree Productions. Their production company, one of the busiest in the region thanks to Anne and Jason's continuing diligence and creativity, are working with RheaKesha to produce the region's first BlueRay DVD, a concert piece to be released later this year.

And last -- but certainly not least -- joining us in the studio was Mary Jo Tate -- author, book coach, teacher, and home schooling expert. An articulate and energetic guest, she's host of the “Homeschool Spotlight” show for the Homeschool Channel, has been educating her sons for thirteen years—the last nine years as a single mom. A published author, book coach, and international editor, she also teaches homeschoolers, single moms, and work-at-home moms how to create balance between family life and home business. We'll have Mary Jo back on the show soon to discuss homeschooling in more detail, but suffice to say that there aren't many people more "schooled" in the subject than she. She completely turned me around on the concept in a very short time. I'm sure you'll find her comments enlightening.

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