Thursday, September 15, 2011

DeltaTalk Radio, Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tara Priest: hard-workin’ singer
Jason Palmer — layin’ ‘em down 
Major League Baseball PR “Thing” 
The Walmart Greeter 

This program originally broadcast September 15, 2011 from SuperTalk Mississippi studio WWMR.
Hosted by Mike Russell, with producer Brenda Mitchell.

SEGMENT 1 at 00:00
Introducing the Show
9/11 Tribute Show revisited (Jim Cowen - Hero)
The Help — All-Time Movie Leader
Calendar of Events

SEGMENT 2 @ 8:54
Tara Priest interview — Part 1
Tara's Website
(includes 3 cuts from her album)

SEGMENT 3 @ 22:50
Tara Priest interview - Part 2 (conclusion)
(includes 4 cuts from her album)

SEGMENT 4 @ 35:52
Jason Palmer — drummin’ up a storm
Brenda’s Walmart Greeter story
Major League Baseball ( PR debacle 

SEGMENT 5 @ 45:30
Our favorite Facebook posts

We close with another of Tara’s songs — “The Sweetest Thing”

All that and more...

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